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*pedagogy, Business and Management.

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DIT Teaching Fellowship Reports 2014-2015


Recent corporate scandals have resulted in criticism of business schools for graduating students who put too much emphasis on shareholder value and profit maximisation but neglect the broader social and environmental context in which businesses operate. This research fellowship set out to review current literature of ethics education in third level universities and institutions to determine best practice in the area. It also set out to review the reports of the signatories of PRME (Principals for Responsible Management Education) to develop an understanding of the range of options available to the College of Business to embed principles for responsible management across all aspects of the College’s education portfolio. This paper analyses a comprehensive literature review of the teaching of ethics in higher education. It reviews the importance of teaching ethics in higher education and reviews what should be taught and how best to teach this. Traditional teaching methods have been criticised for their over emphasis on theoretical and conceptual analysis