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This research explored the potential use of webinars as a method of course delivery in the College of Business, Technological University Dublin. In-depth interviews were conducted with a purposive sample of students to gain insights into their experience with webinars and to delve into how they interacted with the webinar, whether they would prefer this mode of delivery in the future and to assess their overall perceptions of webinars. Findings indicated that students found the webinar to be a novel and innovative way for delivering course content, however, students reported having connectivity issues and at times encountered audio problems. Furthermore, all students described multi-tasking while taking part in the virtual classroom. Recommendations to the Institute include exploring the possibility of using webinars in situations where the traditional lecture is not possible (i.e. a contingency method of delivery), or to use webinars as part of a blended learning model, whereby webinars are not the sole method of course content delivery but are used in tandem with the traditional, face-to-face lectures.