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Action Accounting ‘ Untying the Accountancy Know’ is an innovative cross-faculty collaboration to develop e-learning activities to enhance and improve the learning experiences of students. The cross-faculty Action Accounting project team was established in 2008 and includes accountancy lecturers from the College of Business and the College of Arts and Tourism as well as members of the Learning Support Services and the Learning Teaching & Technology Centre.

Accounting lecturers had observed that many first year students had been struggling with the accounting modules and this often resulted in high levels of examination failure and low retention rates. They also recognised the need to cater more adequately to students who have learning disorders such as dyslexia, as well as those for whom the traditional lecture environment is a barrier to learning.

The ultimate aim of Action Accounting is to deliver e-learning activities and module content with student centred learning needs as its main focus and to make learning accountancy more effective for students and subsequently more enjoyable. To achieve Action Accounting: enhance the student experience: improve student retention: accommodate different learning styles: increase the variety of learning conduits and thus facilitate non-traditional students.