Universal Design in Education Conference, 2015

Universal Design in Education Conference, 2015


Higher education institutions and systems worldwide are in a period of extraordinary challenge and change. The drive to increase participation in higher education is often at odds with the need to encourage and develop all students to be technically proficient and yet creative, independent and socially aware thinkers that are engaged with the world outside of the campus walls.

The Centre for Excellence in Universal Design, with the support of the Technological University for Dublin (TU4D) initiative will host a two day conference consisting of a series of workshops, keynote speakers, exhibitions and a 24 Hour Universal Design Hackathon. The conference will explore themes of:Theme 1: Universal Design for Learning (UDL):Theme 2: Educational Technology:Theme 3: UD and Healthcare:Theme 4: UD and Standards:Theme 5: UD in Product Design:Theme 6: UD in ICT:Theme 7: UD in Engineering:Theme 8: UD in Architecture


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Theme 1: Delivering Universal Design in Technical Subjects

Theme 2:Teaching Methods for Architecture

Theme 3: Innovating in Product and Service Design

Theme 4:University Design and Diversity