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Управление на знанията Интелектуален капитал

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Business and Management.

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Please note this publication is in the Bulgarian language.

ISBN: 978-619-92237-1-0


The aim of this monograph is to bring to the attention of the Bulgarian reader new knowledge crucial to the strategic management of organisations in the conditions of knowledge-based economy. The monograph summarises over a decade of experience and considerable research in this field undertaken in Bulgaria, Scotland and Finland.

The Knowledge Management and Intellectual Capital book reviews the historical development of knowledge management and intellectual capital theory and presents fundamental concepts, models, tools and substantial body of knowledge in these parallel research fields to the reader. The monograph makes an in-depth comparative analysis of key concepts and research frameworks, identifies and explores how knowledge, intangibles and intellectual capital impact on organisational performance and contribute to the value creation. Drawing on previous knowledge the monograph treats the ongoing debates in these two topical fields central to strategic organisation management and performance in the conditions of contemporary knowledge-based economies. The research presented draws on the disciplines of economics, sociology and strategic management.