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Published at the IATED conference in Madrid, Spain 19th November 2012


Many Motor trade apprentice students enter the later years of their studies ill prepared for the level of material encountered. This is due to several factors including the level and knowledge of basic electricity and electrical/electronic principles.

A lot of basic material in these areas has been covered during earlier years of their training but by the time they reach the final year of their apprenticeship (Phase 6) it is not safe to assume that they have a full grasp of the basics required.

We have developed a diagnostic test to measure the level of preparedness of these students. This test covers basic electricity and electrical/electronic principles associated with motor vehicle technology.

In addition to this primary diagnostic test a series of online tests have been devised that force students to revise and master the basics from their earlier years. In addition to these tests a series of online resources have also been provided to assist students.

In this paper the test is outlined in detail. We enumerate the problem areas for the students and list the improvements that have been made by this initiative.