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First International Conference in Mechanical Technology and Structural Materials, MTSM 2010, Split 21-22/10/2010.


Combining Industrial and Functional Design methodologies for the development of new products and systems requires a broad understanding of human behaviour and industrial activities. The requirements of international standards, protection of the environment and the ability to make a profit on sales requires a sound attitude and approach to succeed, especially in current economic conditions. This highlights the importance of good business and management strategy that must be dynamic to meet the changing needs of the market. Competitiveness depends largely upon advances in the fields of design and Innovation, cutting edge research and new advances over a broad range of topics dealing with innovative design and manufacturing technologies. This paper encompasses traditional and new areas of design methodologies including Reverse Engineering, Value Analysis (VA) and Value Engineering (VE), Concurrent engineering Value Added, R&D, Modelling and attitude to the environment and customer. Linking marketing, manufacturing and innovation to maximise the design process work is discussed and solutions for SME’s to explore methods of expanding their product portfolio are proposed.