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In proceedings of International Conference, Matrib Materials, Tribology and Processing : by Grilex and Maric eds.: 2008. Conferenc held 26-28 June, Croatia.


Surface engineering refers to a wide range of technologies that design and modify the surface properties and characteristics of components. The applications are very broad from macro to nano and from extremely hard materials to polymeric coatings. The uses are found in many engineering, energy, gas and oil, transport, medical, cosmetic, optical, chemical and sports industries. Research in this technology is ongoing and the benefits that can be derived are enormous. The design, wear and tribological properties of components for instance have been greatly enhanced by surface engineering and the economic benefits to industries far outweigh the cost and use of traditional materials. Surface coatings and surface modification as illustrated in Figure 1. represent two key methods of surface deposition. This paper discusses describes the application of this technology and the potential benefits to be derived from current research and innovation in this discipline.