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1st International Conference on the Mechanics of Biomaterials and Tissues, December 11-14, Hawaii


In this study, we recorded the number of Acoustic emission (AE) hits and related AE energy during indentation fracture of cortical bone using a PAC PCI-2 card and pico sensor. A threshold value of 43dB was used to filter premature trigger due to background noise. Registered AE hits had more than one count (threshold crossing). Amplifier gain was set at 40dB with a (0.1-1) MHz band pass filter. 8mm cubes of cortical bones were indented in the longitudinal direction at constant crosshead speed of 1 mm min-1 using a large 2D, 50˚ wedge indenter. We hypothesised that signals occurring as a result of microcracking would have low AE energy and occur prior to and during the period of maximum load whereas those associated with main crack propagation would have high AE energy and occur at fracture only.



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