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Contemporary Ergonomics and Human Factors 2014 Proceedings of the international conference on Ergonomics & Human Factors 2014, Southampton, UK, 7-10 April 2014.


This paper outlines the results of a series of 15 interviews undertaken to establish the methods and tools currently used to support risk assessment in industry. The interviews covered general risk assessment, but also looked specifically at human factors tools and methods in use, both in terms of the representation of the system under analysis and in terms of human reliability analysis or other tools to identify and analyse human error. The results show that, of the companies interviewed, only five use any form of structured technique to analyse human factors, and two of these companies had specific human factors teams to undertake the analysis. This points to a gap in risk assessment, as the lack of inclusion of human factors in risk assessment is in stark contrast to the high attribution of major accidents to human error. Possible reasons for this gap are discussed along with the need to better include guidance on human factors assessment in the applicable standards.



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