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Presentation at Research in Engineering Education Society (REES). Dublin, Ireland. Jan. 2015.


In a study of 55 electrical engineering students, Yadav, et al., found learning gains among students in Project-Based Learning (PBL) to be twice the gains of those taking traditional lecture courses. Du and Kolmos indicate groupbased PBL is more supportive and appealing to women than traditional lecture formats. Savin-Baden posits that female and minority students are more likely to ask questions in non-competitive PBL environments. This study interrogates the claim that PBL is particularly supportive to female and minority students. This work-in-progress uses a phenomenological research methodology to investigate how collaborative learning (in formal as well as non-formal settings) influences women’s experiences of engineering education. Our intention is to help teachers and educational leaders create environments and policies that effectively support women and diverse groups of students.