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International Journal of Emerging Electrical Power Systems, vol.13, no.1.


Quality of power supply has become an important issue with the increasing demand of Distributed Generation (DG) systems either connected to the grid through some power electronics grid-tie inverters or to work in isolated (microgrid) mode towards the development of a smart grid network. In this paper a technical review of Integration of Unified Power Quality Conditioner (UPQC) in Distributed Generation Network has been presented. Though the primary task of UPQC is to minimize the grid voltage and load current disturbance along with the reactive and harmonic power compensation, additional functionalities like compensation of voltage interruption and active power transfer to the load and grid have also been identified. Connection methodologies with their pros and cons are also described. Recent improvements in capacity expansion techniques and future trends for the application of UPQC to cope up with the expanding DG capacity are also reviewed.