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The design of networked switched systems with event-based communication is attractive due to its potential to save bandwidth and energy. However, ensuring the stability and performance of networked systems with event-triggered communication and asynchronous switching is challenging due to their time-varying nature. This paper presents a novel sampled-data approach to design event-triggered asynchronous H∞ filters for networked switched systems. Unlike most existing event-based filtering results, which either design the event-triggering scheme only or co-design the event-triggering condition and the filter, we consider that the event-triggering policy is predefined and synthesize the filter. We model the estimation error system as an event-triggered switched system with time delay and non-uniform sampling. By implementing a delay-dependent multiple Lyapunov method, we derive sufficient conditions to ensure the global asymptotic stability of the filtering error system and an H∞ performance level. The efficacy of the proposed design technique and the superiority of the filter performance is illustrated by numerical examples and by comparing the performance with a recent result.



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