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2.2 ELECTRICAL, ELECTRONIC, INFORMATION ENGINEERING, Electrical and electronic engineering


Most of the loads used in our day-to-day life are non-linear in nature. To investigate the performance of various non-linear loads, a laboratory setup on different load combinations such as light, fan and drive system in this work. The unbalance in supply voltages, supply current and frequency, reduction in power factor and total harmonic distortion for current and voltages are monitored through this lab setup and also the results obtained from these systems are discussed in this paper. To check the nature of voltage, current, reactive power and power factor in real-time systems, a turret punch machine incorporated with several single-phase AC servo motors is considered. The variations in the parameters are recorded using the fluke analyzer. Finally, it is observed that current harmonics at the source side are dominant in both the laboratory setup and the real-time system. Next, shunt active power filters are applied to mitigate the current harmonics. The simulation for the system with compensations is conducted in the Matlab platform and the hardware implementation validates the same.



The European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and Enterprise Ireland, Marie Skłodowska-Curie grant agreement No. 847402. National Research and Development Agency of Chile (ANID), ANID/Fondap/15110019.