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Electrical and electronic engineering

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2019 IEEE 5th World Forum on Internet of Things (WF-IoT)


The Internet of things (IoT) is fast evolving with a wide range of technologies being designated specifically as IoT solutions. Studies on such solutions generally reference the specific communication medium while negating the complete architecture of the IoT system. From a system perspective, a complete IoT solution can be separated into three categories, the data collector, the communication method and the cloud platform service. The data collector relates to the embedded system device (or the `things' element) at the source of the application, the communication method relates to the network protocol used to send or receive the data and the cloud platform service relates to the facility used to store and process the data collected. LoRaWan and LoRa are `Long Range' technologies, which define the communication method for such IoT applied systems. LoRa defines the modulation technique, that allows for long range communication, whereas LoRaWan defines the communication and system architecture.This paper presents the design architecture and methodology of a fully functioning LoRaWan based IoT system. Such a system can be provided as a service to a given local region, by utilizing an End Device in conjunction with a LoRa transceiver, a LoRaWan Gateway and a defined cloud platform. The presented IoT system currently serves the region of Tallaght (Dublin, Ireland) and its wider area. As a service, the system has been shown to be capable of supporting a wide range of IoT based applications.