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Electrical and electronic engineering


Consideration of spatial and temporal diversity of EV charging demand has been demonstrated to reduce the estimating impacts on the distribution networks. The data formulation is based on impact studies of Electrical vehicles (EV s) on distribution networks. It is suggested that Distribution System Operator (DSO) could benefit for new innovation/advancement in the market (BESS-STATCOM) in a way that makes networks more reliable/robust, In this regard such innovation creates more opportunities for demand side management, reduces planning uncertainties associated with stochastic nature of EV charging and makes space for demand side management. This work considers probabilistic load flow in a representative unbalanced distribution network and through Monte Carlo simulation increased the hosting capacity for DG/EV is considered in an Irish/UK context. Furthermore, this paper considers the potential for a distribution network deployed STATCOM in supporting EV penetration, while maintaining appropriate power quality (voltage) standards. To reduce the computation burden of Monte Carlo simulation an alternative (novel but simple) method is applied. In terms of the Irish/UK DSO perspective, this work will help to increase the hosting capacity of DG/EV without breaching power quality limits.