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Computer Sciences

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ISSC 2018


We consider two functions f1(r) and f2(r), for r 2 Rn and the problem of ‘Diffusing’ these functions together, followed by the application of an encryption process we call ‘Stochastic Diffusion’ and then hiding the output of this process in to one or other of the same functions. The coupling of these two processes (i.e., data diffusion and stochastic diffusion) is considered using a form of conditioning that generates a wellposed and data consistent inverse solution for the purpose of decrypting the output. After presenting the basic encryption method and (encrypted) information hiding model, coupled with a mathematical analysis (within the context of ‘convolutional encoding’), we provide a case study which is concerned with the implementation of the approach for full-colour 24-bit digital images. The ideas considered yields the foundations for a number of wide-ranging applications that include covert signal and image information interchange, data authentication, copyright protection and digital rights management, for example.