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Conference Paper


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Oceanography, 2. ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY, Electrical and electronic engineering

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Paper appeared at the IEEE Oceans 2017 conference, Aberdeen


This paper describes the ongoing work of the authors in translating two-level system design techniques used in Health Informatics to the Earth Systems Science domain. Health informaticians have developed a sophisticated two-level systems design approach for electronic health documentation over many years, and with the use of archetypes, have shown how knowledge interoperability among heterogeneous systems can be achieved. Translating two-level modelling techniques to a new domain is a complex task. A proof-of-concept archetype enabled data buoy eco-system is presented. The concept of operational templates-as-a service is proposed. Design recommendations and implementation experiences of re-working the proposed architecture to run on ultra-resource constrained data buoy platforms using templates-as-service are described.