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Conference Paper


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Applied mathematics, Computer Sciences, 2. ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY, Electrical and electronic engineering, Communication engineering and systems, telecommunications

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ISSC 2017 Institute of Technology, Tralee and Cork Institute of Technology, June 20--21


In this paper, we examine the design and application of a one-time pad encryption system for protecting data stored in the Cloud. Personalising security using a one-time pad generator at the client-end protects data from break-ins, side-channel attacks and backdoors in public encryption algorithms. The one-time pad binary sequences were obtained from modified analogue chaos oscillators initiated by noise and encoded client data locally. Specific ``one-to-Cloud'' storage applications returned control back to the end user but without the key distribution problem normally associated with one-time pad encryption. Development of the prototype was aided by ``Virtual Prototyping'' in the latest version of Cadence OrCAD PSpice$^\copyright$. This addition allows the prototype simulation schematic to be connected to an actual microcontroller in real time using device model interfacing for bi-directional communication.