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Electrical and electronic engineering

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Power Engineering Conference (UPEC), 2013 48th International Universities' , vol., no., pp.1,5, 2-5 Sept. 2013 doi: 10.1109/UPEC.2013.6715037


In this paper, the electrical energy demand of a typical residential building has been extracted from a Virtual Environment (VE) simulation. The extracted energy demand is generated by input load demand and hourly operating information. Based on the electrical energy demand for a typical day, a building integrated photovoltaic (PV) system is then simulated in MATLAB to extract the current/voltage disturbance information into the network. Outcome of this simulation shows the voltage/current waveform along with the disturbances at different locations in the building. The city of Dublin, Ireland has been chosen as a geographical location and VE-Pro software has been used to develop the virtual environment simulation for the building energy system. The simulation based on VE-Pro and MATLAB indicates the scope for possible placement of Custom Power Devices (CPDs) to improve the power quality of the DG integrated building energy system.