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Electrical and electronic engineering

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Power Engineering Conference (UPEC), 2013 48th International Universities' , vol., no., pp.1,6, 2-5 Sept. 2013 doi: 10.1109/UPEC.2013.6715017


Penetration of renewable energy sources (such as solar/wind) are being explored mostly as micro power generation (μGen) or mega power plant system. In recent years, emphasis has been given on Microgrid (μGrid) systems because of their few advantages over μGen systems in terms of power quality, stability, reliability, economics etc. But the commercial installation of the μGrid system is not yet progressing significantly. This paper presents the techno-economic aspects of μGen and μGrid systems towards the development of grid connected community based μGrid (C-μGrid) system. Emphasis has been given to identify the benefits of the μGrid over the μGen system. As a case study, wind energy μGen based C-μGrid system has been considered. Ireland has been chosen as a geographical location where wind power based μGen system is not yet very popular with present REFIT (Renewable Energy Feed-in-Tariff) policy. To discuss the issues, techno-economic analysis has been performed for both the systems. It shows that if the same REFIT policy is applied for C-μGrid system, the system could show better performance over the μGen system in terms of stability and cost of energy (COE).