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ISAST Transactions on Electronics and Signal Processing, Vol.1, issue 1, 2007, p.61-71.


Following a brief introduction on the principles of screening an aerospace vehicle using a plasma, we develop models for the Impulse Response Functions (IRFs) associated with microwave (Radar) back-scattering from a strong and weakly ionized plasma screen. For a weakly ionized plasma, the conductivity is determined by the number density of electrons. We develop a model for an electron beam induced plasma that includes the effect of cascade ionization and losses due to diffusion and recombination. Qualitative results are then derived for the number density of a plasma screen over a sub-sonic aerospace vehicle and a numerical simulation considered that is based on an iterative approach using a Green’s function solution for a stationary and a moving vehicle. An example is provided for an idealised case relating to a sub- sonic missile such as a ‘cruise missile