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Electrical and electronic engineering

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ISSC2013, Letterkenny Institute of Technology, Letterkenny, Co. Donegal, Ireland,20-21st June, 2013 p.1-7.


We present a three-dimensional time dependent model for simulating the electromagnetic radiation field patterns generated by Ultra-Wide- Band (UWB) antennas. UWB antennas are pulsed mode radiators used to communicate information at high bit rates over short distance. This affects the spatial characteristics of the field patterns assumed to be generated when a Continuous Wave (CW) model is used and this paper investigates the difference between the near field intensity patterns generated when a pulse and CW mode is used. The purpose of this is to develop a numerical simulation that provides information on the three-dimensional electromagnetic field subject to a known (integrated) antenna geometry. The context of the approach considered is the design of integrated antennas that extend the performance of UWB systems in terms of range (in the near field) subject to emission standards.