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Conference Paper


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Meteorology and atmospheric sciences, Electrical and electronic engineering

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Universities Power Engineering Conference (UPEC), Proceedings of 2011 46th International, pp.1-6, 5-8 Sept. 2011.



This paper presents an investigation of wind observations made at three (of a network of ten) stations in Dublin. Two of the stations are located over different parts of the urbanized landscape and one is located at Dublin Airport, which exemplifies a typical meteorological station. The purpose of the analysis is to evaluate the nature of the wind resource in the urban area. The potential output of a range of commercially available micro wind turbines at one of the stations is considered. At this location, an anemometer is mounted in a similar manner to international examples of building mounted domestic installations of micro wind turbines. Finally, the paper investigates the relevancy of the Weibull and Rayleigh probability density functions as a means to represent urban wind power density for this Network.