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2. ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY, Electrical and electronic engineering

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M. Hanif, U.D Dwivedi, M. Basu and K. Gaughan, “Wavelet Based Islanding Detection of DC-AC Inverter Interfaced DG Systems”, UPEC, 2010


The increased penetration of distributed generation (DG) often connected to grid through dc-ac interface has made islanding detection an important and challenging issue to power engineers. Several methods based on passive and active detection scheme have been proposed in the literature. While passive schemes have a large non detection zone (NDZ), concern has been raised on active method due to its degrading power quality effect. This paper proposes a wavelet based passive islanding detection scheme with almost zero NDZ for dc-ac inverter interfaced grid connected DGs. The key idea is to utilize the spectral changes in the higher frequency components of PCC voltage occurring after islanding condition. The effectiveness of the proposed method is tested through case studies on a photovoltaic DG system.


Dublin Institute of Technology