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In Proceedings of IECON 2008, 34th IEEE Annual Conference on Industrial Electronics,10-13 Nov. 2008, pp.3129 - 3134 Digital Object Identifier 10.1109/IECON.2008.4758461 Available from


The paper reports the development of a laboratory prototype of a fully digital DSP controlled 12 kVA Shunt Active Filter (ShAF) capable of compensating for non-linear, unbalanced load and reactive power. A fully digital controller is implemented for the reference generation and the current control purposes. The delay problem in digital current controller is overcome by application of a fast DSP, a compact controller and proper flow of control steps in the DSP software. A Phase Locked Loop (PLL)-less software grid synchronization method has been proposed for the effective operation of the ShAF under the grid frequency variation. The source current THD has been improved from 15.8% to 4.45%. The control features, experimental setup, and results are presented in the paper.