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In IECON 2008: 34th Annual Conference of IEEE on Industrial Electronics, Orlando, 10-13 Nov., 2008, pp. 2094-2099 Available from


The paper presents detailed simulation based analysis and investigation on grid code compliance of a new configuration of a 2 MW doubly fed induction generator. The converters of DFIG are connected and controlled to function like a unified power quality conditioner (UPQC). One of the converters is connected in series with the stator terminals and acts to maintain the stator voltage at a predetermined value. It can also transfer power to or from the rotor side converter through the common DC link. The other converter is connected to the rotor like a conventional DFIG and is controlled to maintain appropriate rotor currents to establish the operating point based on the input mechanical torque and reactive power set point at the grid connection. The generator performs satisfactorily under steady state and grid fault condition both in the super and sub synchronous speed range. The newly designed machine is Irish grid code compliant.