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IEEE International Workshop on Antenna Technology Small Antennas and Novel Metamaterials, March 6-8, 2006, pp.257-260. ISBN: 0-7803-9443-7 Available from


Circularly polarized patch antennas have been widely applied in wireless communication system, global positioning system, etc., because of their low-profile, lightweight, ease of fabrication and low lost [1,2]. To achieve high performance for circularly polarized patch antennas, some new structures were reported in the literature, such as antennas array, stack layer antennas, using periodic structures [3-7], etc. In this paper, a high performance circularly polarized low frequency patch antenna based on the compact fractal high-impedance surface EBG structure has been fabricated and experimented. The measured results show that the proposed circularly polarized patch antenna has good performance in impedance bandwidth, axial ratio (AR) bandwidth, and gain.