The influence of different European cements on the transport and early age properties of concrete in the cover-zone’

Niall O. Holmes, DIT

Document Type Conference Paper

2nd International Conference on Durability of Concrete Structures, Sapporo, Japan, November, 2010.


The use of in situ tests for performance based specification would require demonstration of their suitability to distinguish the quality of concrete. With the introduction of new European Standards for cements, this would mean concretes produced with these new cements should be classified for their quality using the performance tests. It is generally believed that transport properties of concrete are related to their durability and hence the measurement of these properties can form the basis of performance based specifications. This paper reports data indicating that transport properties measured at 28-days for concretes manufactured with different European cements and water-binder ratios can form the basis of classifying concrete for their durability. The results also demonstrated how the different cements specified in European Standards influence the transport properties and other early-age properties.