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5th International Symposium of Engineering Education, September 2014.


There is currently a growing interest in improving the retention levels of undergraduate students on STEM related programmes. Students’ prior knowledge of mathematics is a key factor in predicting whether they will succeed in engineering or not. A poor grasp of key mathematical skills typically leads to students failing to achieve the learning outcomes of technical modules. Consequently, mathematics is often the focus of engineering education research. A decline in core mathematical skills; the lowering of entry requirements and the diversity of the student cohort, all contribute to the need for a more comprehensive learning support system. Today’s students are immersed in an increasingly technological world and are willing to adapt to new technological advances. In order to increase engagement and retention rates a pedagogical shift from the more traditional hierarchical approach to learning to one that embraces the use of technology as a tool to enhance the student learning experience is required. This paper outlines a study being undertaken in the College of Engineering and Built Environment at the Technological University Dublin to create an on-line platform of resources which allows first year engineering students to consolidate and reinforce the mathematical knowledge required to succeed in engineering. By including the student as co-creator of these resources a deeper learning experience is achieved.