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Geology, 2.1 CIVIL ENGINEERING, Civil engineering, Environmental and geological engineering, Geotechnics

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This paper was part of the XV Congreso Colombiano de Geotecnia, held on Octobre 2016 by the Sociedad Colombiana de Geotecnia


The present study evaluates the shallow landslides susceptibility triggered by rainfall by means of multiple numerical simulations. The simulations integrate a transient rainfall infiltration model with an infinite slope stability model, both of them developed for unsaturated soils in a basin scale. TRIGRS’ infiltration model is used to calculate pore water pressure. The geotechnical model includes the evaluation of two parameters related to vegetation: root reinforcement and tree surcharge due to the weight of the vegetation. These simulations were carried out using multiple values of these parameters so that their behavior is analyzed for the topographic conditions of the watershed located in Valle de Aburrá. The results indicate that root reinforcement benefits slope stability, while tree surcharge represents an adverse effect for the simulated soil and topographic conditions.