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Civil engineering

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L.M. Ayompe, A. Duffy. Analysis of the thermal performance of a solar water heating system with flat plate collectors in a temperate climate. Applied Thermal Engineering (2013): 58; 447-454.


The thermal performance of a solar water heating system with 4 m2 flat plate collectors in Dublin, Ireland is presented in this paper. The experimental setup consisted of a commercially available forced circulation domestic scale system fitted with an automated sub‐system that controlled hot water draw‐offs and the operation of an auxiliary immersion heater. The system was tested over a year and the maximum recorded collector outlet fluid temperature was 70.4 oC while the maximum water temperature at the bottom of the hot water tank was 59.9 oC. The annual average daily energy collected was 19.6 MJ/d, energy delivered by the solar coil was 16.2 MJ/d, supply pipe loss was 3.2 MJ/d, solar fraction was 32.2%, collector efficiency was 45.6% and system efficiency was 37.8%. Supply pipe losses represented 16.4% of energy collected.