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Water resources

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Volume 58, Issue 04, Pages 25-27, June 2003, The Engineers Journal, Ireland,


The benefits of water efficiency measures, rainwater harvesting and greywater reuse are principally water savings and reduced volume of consumption. Cost savings can accrue to the water supplier and water user. These benefits can be felt at a local level. Only with widespread use of such technology will reduced pressure on water resources and the supply infrastructure be realised. These technologies should be considered in the context of an overall water conservation strategy and each situation evaluated separately. A water audit should be undertaken to establish existing water usage and possible demands that can be met by using these technologies. A programme to develop public awareness and to source and promote these technologies is also required. Standards for fittings and legal standards for rainwater quality are required if these technologies are to become generally installed. The use of these technologies should be driven by the need to develop a sustainable strategy of urban water demand management.



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