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McGovern, J. A. and Oladunjoye, S., Non-Intrusive Second Law Performance Evaluation of a Domestic Freezer in Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Sustainable Energy and Environmental Protection—Part 2: State of the Art on Environmental Protection, Olabi, A. G. and Alaswad, A. (Eds.), University of the West of Scotland, Paisley, PA1 2BE, UK, August 2015, pp.48–53.

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This paper describes non-intrusive performance testing and second law, exergy-based, performance evaluation of a small, contemporary domestic freezer that used R600a refrigerant. The methodology presented is associated with logging of temperatures and the instantaneous power consumption. It gives a ‘second law of thermodynamics’ perspective on operating performance by providing rational efficiency values and by localizing and quantifying the instantaneous exergy destruction rates. This approach is compared to a more conventional ‘first law’ energy analysis. Suggestions are made for the standardization of such an approach in order to enhance the sustainability of domestic freezers. Keywords: Domestic freezer, Performance testing, Performance evaluation, Exergy,