Submissions from 2019

International Observations: United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Digitalisation, Mike Murphy

Submissions from 2013


CFX Analysis of the Heat and Mass Transfer During the Chilling of a Lamb Carcass using a 3D Model, Joseph Hannon, Garrett Keane, and Micheal O'Flaherty


Comparison of Finite Difference and Finite Element (Telemac) Models of Dublin Bay, Garrett Keane, Zeinab Bedri, and John O'Sullivan


The Relationship Between Designing and Making, and Creative Design Processes that Could be Used in Second Level Education., John Walsh

Submissions from 2008


A Systematic Approach Towards Developing a Philosophy of Engineering: Engineers Dancing with Philosophers, Mike Murphy


Developing Effective, Sustainable, Mutually Beneficial International Collaborations in Engineering and Technology, Mike Murphy

Submissions from 2007


Engineering Science as Opposed to Natural Science, Eugene Coyle, Mike Murphy, and William Grimson


The Education System is Not Relevant to the 21st. Century, Mike Murphy

Submissions from 2006

Centralisation/Decentralisation in European Universities: Case Study DIT., Mike Murphy

Resource and Technology Issues: Case Studies, Mike Murphy

Submissions from 2005


Bologna Process Update: Engineering Education in Ireland, Mike Murphy


Changing to a Student-Centred Paradigm: The Why, What and How, Mike Murphy

Excellence in Engineering Education, Mike Murphy

Submissions from 2004

Evaluating the Quality of Research and Innovation at Faculty Level, Mike Murphy