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Theses, Ph.D


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Urban studies (Planning and development)

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Successfully submitted for the award of Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) to the Technological University Dublin, May, 2010.


The importance of local economies, based on a bottom-up approach, has been increasingly prioritised by urban policy makers as the vital factor that conditions economic development. Modern policy approaches, which are explored in this research, regard local economic development as a process deriving from both, market processes impacting upon local structures, functions and spatial planning, and non-market dimensions based on environmental and social measures. Since the 1990s, both Dublin in Ireland and Upper Silesia in Poland have represented urban regions where economic and social deprivation is being addressed by a range of area-based initiatives but from different perspectives. The research examines in detail the administrative processes involved in treating related developmental problems in similar but contrasting European urban contexts during the period of 1992-2002, a time of intense transition in both the Irish and Polish economy. It explores in practice the difficulties in achieving an integrated approach and how policy makers and service providers adapt to such goals. This could contribute to a wider debate by providing an assessment of the formulation, implementation and likely future impacts of innovative policies in enhancing local economic development during current economic restructuring.