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Theses, Ph.D


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Information Science, Business and Management., Social sciences

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Submitted for the award of PhD, School of Transport Engineering, Environment and Planning, Technological University Dublin, 2021.

1. Title: "Product-counterfeiting can be controlled in supply chains of automotive parts industry": EFA application. Article published in Mehran University Research Journal of Engineering, 2018

2. Title: "Product-counterfeiting can be controlled in supply chains of automotive parts industry: CFA application". Paper was presented in 30th NOFOMA conference


The counterfeits pose significant health and safety threat to consumers. The quality image of firms is vulnerable to the damage caused by the expanding flow of counterfeit products in today’s global supply chains. The counterfeiting markets are swelling due to globalization and customers’ willingness to buy counterfeits, fueling illicit activities to explode further. Buyers look for the original parts are deceived by the false (deceptive) signals’ communication. The counterfeiting market has become a multi-billion industry but lacks detailed insights into the supply side of counterfeiting (deceptive side). The study aims to investigate and assess the relationship between the anti-counterfeiting strategies and improvement in the firm’s supply performance within the internal and external supply chain quality management context in the auto-parts industry’s supply chains in Pakistan.