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Electrical and electronic engineering

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Paper presented at Irish Transport Research Network (ITRN), Year 2014, Limerick, Ireland


Electric Vehicles (EV) have gained interest over the past decade. Accordingly, to support EV technology installation of charging stations are required. A Photovoltaic Charging Station (PV_CS) can generate clean electricity from the sun for charging electric bikes but as can be exposed to harsh weather conditions and faults, which can result in deviations of system characteristics from their normal operating conditions. Reliability of these charging stations is extremely important for supplying adequate charge to EVs, and therefore it must be maintained at all times. This paper presents a systematic approach to electrical reliability issues for PV_CS, by establishing an experimental test bed, which will ultimately allow the examination of a number of electrical faults scenarios that can occur in PV_CS systems. The design and installation of the PV_CS system, as well as assembly of different measurement sensors are presented to distinguish the electrical and thermal characteristics of each signature fault. Through this work, PV_CS charging stations will have the embedded capability of specifying when a fault is occurring and where the fault is occurring, thus reducing maintenance costs and downtime of the PV charging system.


Technological University Dublin(DIT)