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Proceedings of the 3rd Photovoltaic Science, Applications and Technology Conference (PVSAT-3), March 28th – 30th, Durham, UK.


A Monte-Carlo ray-trace model has been developed which allows the calculation of the optical efficiency (ηopt) and concentration ratio (CR) values of a Quantum Dot Solar Concentrator (QDSC). In this paper, ηopt values have been calculated using a range of material refractive indices, material attenuation coefficients, and quantum dot (QD) quantum efficiencies (QE). Spectral overlap leads to reabsorption of light in the device which leads to increased escape cone losses and QD QE losses. Results have been obtained for ideal QD spectra, where there is 0% overlap between QD emission and absorption spectra (and hence no re-absorption), and for real QD spectra, where there is ~60% overlap. The effect of placing a spectrally selective reflective surface on the top of the QDSC, in order to reduce escape cone losses, has also been examined.