Ray-trace Modelling of Quantum Dot Solar Concentrators and Comparison with Fabricated Devices

Manus Kennedy, Dublin Institute of Technology
Brenda Rowan
Sarah McCormack, Dublin Institute of Technology
John Doran, Dublin Institute of Technology
Brian Norton, Dublin Institute of Technology

Proceedings of the 3rd Photovoltaic Science, Applications and Technology Conference (PVSAT-3), March 28th – 30th, Durham, UK.


A Monte-Carlo ray-trace model has been developed which allows the calculation of the optical efficiency and concentration ratio (CR) values of a Quantum Dot Solar Concentrator (QDSC). The model incorporates reflection, refraction, quantum dot (QD) absorption and emission, and also attenuation due to the matrix material. This paper details how each process has been implemented in the model. An approximation to elastic scattering caused by the matrix material has also been included in the model. Modelled ηopt values and spectral output compare well with measured data. CR values are calculated for varying QDSC length and QD quantum efficiencies.