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GeoInformatics 2012; Global Change, Adaption, and Risk Management; The Chinese University of Hong Kong, 15-17 June, 2012; IEEE GeoScience & Remote Sensing Society.


Research and development of mobile information systems in the Future Internet of Things is about delivering technologies built around management and access to real-time heterogeneous datasets. Analyzing these enormous volumes of disparate data on mobile devices requires context-aware smart applications and services. 3DQ (Three Dimensional Query) is our novel mobile spatial interaction (MSI) prototype for data mining and analysis on today’s location and orientation aware “smartphones” within such 3D sensor web environments. Our application tailors a military style threat dome query calculation using MSI with “hidden query removal” functionality to reduce information overload and heighten situation awareness on these commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) devices. Allied MSI research into the information overload problem is ongoing, where map personalisation and other semantic based filtering mechanisms are essential to de-clutter and adapt the exploration of the real world to the processing/display limitations of mobile devices. We propose that another way to filter this information is to intelligently refine the search space. The combined effect gives a more accurate and expected query (search) result for Location-Based Services (LBS) applications by returning information on only those objects/sensor enabled “things” visible within a user’s 3D field-of-view (FOV) as they move through a built environment.