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In: L.McGinty & D. Wilson (eds) International Conference on Case Based Reasoning (ICCBR 2009), LNCS 5650 p.135-149 Springer Verlag


Case-based approaches to classification, as instance-based learning techniques, have a particular reliance on training examples that other supervised learning techniques do not have. In this paper we present the RDCL case profiling technique that categorises each case in a case-base based on its classification by the case-base, the benefit it has and/or the damage it causes by its inclusion in the case-base. We show how these case profiles can identify the cases that should be removed from a case-base in order to improve generalisation accuracy and we show what aspects of existing noise reduction algorithms contribute to good performance and what do not.



Science Foundation Ireland under Grant No. 07/RFP/CMSF718.