Urban location based services using mobile clients: the ICiNG approach

Eoin Kilfeather, Dublin Institute of Technology
James D. Carswell, Dublin Institute of Technology
Keith Gardiner, Dublin Institute of Technology
Seamus Rooney, Dublin Institute of Technology

Document Type Conference Paper

Proceedings of the GIS Research UK 15th Annual Conference (GISRUK); Maynooth, Ireland; April 11-13, 2007


The ICING project is conducting research into eGovernment and Location Based Services and also into two-way interaction with the physical environment. The research focuses on the areas of embedded intelligence, tighter integration of operator platforms and city infrastructure to enable novel services, empowerment of citizens to evolve systems of interaction with the city via social software, input from citizens and sensors for management systems and decision modelling, and a combination of city systems and multi-modal, multi-device communications to provide enhanced services. The technology platforms are gathering indicators from the City, processing the information, proposing actions to be taken with human intervention and supervision and connecting the City with its constituency. Services and information are delivered on a range of commodity devices, providing greater reach and accessibility to local government and communities.