Touch2Query Enabled Mobile Devices: A Case Study Using OpenStreetMap and iPhone

Junjun Yin, Dublin Institute of Technology
James D. Carswell, Dublin Institute of Technology

Document Type Conference Paper

10th International Symposium on Web & Wireless GIS (W2GIS2011); Springer LNCS; Kyoto, Japan; March 2011


This paper describes our mobile spatial interaction (MSI) prototype Touch2Query which presents the idea of using the touch screen on mobile devices to assist in performing ad-hoc spatial queries. This approach differs from conventional mobile LBS applications where the query shape (search space) is limited to either a bounding box or radius. Instead, we provide functionality that allows users to interactively draw any desired query shape overlaid on an area of interest directly on a mobile device with their finger by combining vector primitives such as circles, polygons, polylines, and points. With the help of location and orientation aware mobile devices, mobile maps, and real-time distance and area measurements, Touch2Query gives the users freedom to perform customised spatial queries on objects/areas of interest while realising a better contextual understanding of their spatial environment at the same time.