Deploying integrated web-based spatial applications within an Oracle database environment

James D. Carswell, Dublin Institute of Technology

Document Type Conference Paper

International Workshop on Web Geographical Information Systems (WGIS2001); IEEE CS Press; Kyoto, Japan; December, 2001


In this paper, we describe the architectural and functional characteristics of e-Spatial™ technology, comprising an innovative software package that represents a timely alternative to traditional and complex proprietary GIS application packages. The two main components of the package, developed by e- Spatial Solutions, are the iSMART™ database development technology and the i-Spatial™ Information Server (iSIS), both implemented within an Oracle 9i Spatial database environment. This technology allows users to build and deploy spatially enabled or standard Internet applications without requiring any application-specific source code. It can be deployed on any Oracle supported hardware platform and on any device that supports the Java Virtual Machine, thus providing full support for handheld and mobile devices.