A feature library approach to on-line image querying and retrieval for topographic applications

James D. Carswell, Dublin Institute of Technology

Document Type Conference Paper

Vision Interface’99; Trois Riviere, Canada; 1999


In this paper we address the problem of content-based image retrieval using queries on shape and topology. We focus on the particularities of image databases encountered in typical topographic applications, and present the development of a spatial data management system that enables such queries. The query uses as input user-provided sketches of the shape and spatial configuration of the object (or objects) which should appear in the images to be retrieved. The objective of the search is to retrieve images that contain a configuration of objects sufficiently similar to the one specified in the query. Our novel approach introduces the design of a structured feature library which is linked to an integrated image database in addition to the development of the necessary matching tools. We discuss our overall strategy and focus on the use of the feature library to support our queries.