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Joint International Symposium on GeoSpatial Theory, Processing and Applications; International Archives of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (IAPRS), Volume 34, Part 4; Ottawa, Canada; July 2002


One of the main bottlenecks for web-based GIS usability is in the transmission and handling of the vast amounts of geospatial data involved. The shear volume of raster, vector, attribute, and other data to be analysed, queried, transmitted and displayed over the WWW in real-time is prohibited by connection speeds. In this paper we introduce e-Spatial technology, a fully integrated open standard web-based solution to manage multiple spatial relationships directly in an Oracle Spatial database and to deploy in real-time spatially enabled (or standard) applications completely independent of data volume. Indeed, no application code is ever installed on the client side. With the database generating all requested information on the fly, only the minimum data required is downloaded to the client, which leads to the most economical usage of bandwidth and resources for real-time response. This technology dramatically extends the functionality of Oracle Spatial by allowing real-time spatial data display, collection, editing, manipulation, and query using a standard web browser. Therefore, applications can be deployed on any device that supports the Java Virtual Machine, thus providing full support for wireless, PDAs and other mobile devices.