Web-based spatial information management systems.

James D. Carswell, Dublin Institute of Technology

Document Type Conference Paper

95th Annual Geomatics Conference of the Canadian Institute of Geomatics (CIG); Ottawa, Canada; July, 2002


In this paper we discuss the innovative software solutions offered by e-SpatialTM technology for the deployment of web-based and mobile spatial information management systems. This technology has been developed within the Oracle 9i Database environment and allows users to build and deploy spatially enabled Internet applications on any Oracle supported hardware platform and on any device running a Java Virtual Machine (e.g., standard web browsers, PDAs and other mobile devices). The paper focuses on a Land Information Management System (LIMS) application developed for the Irish Department of Agriculture. The application utilises the e-SpatialTM Information Server to deliver a spatially enabled Internet solution for the tracking and management of land information based on land usage, land classifications and land ownership changes over time. The developed land information management system provides a seamless Oracle 9i Spatial database environment for the combination of multiple land information datasets. Integrated database topology ensures the integrity of the topology relationships within the spatial database. The normal edit (e.g. create, modify, and delete) and spatial analysis functions associated with a traditional GIS based land management applications, are deployed as Java stored procedures in the Oracle Spatial database.