Wireless spatio-semantic transactions on multimedia datasets

James D. Carswell, Dublin Institute of Technology
Keith Gardiner, Dublin Institute of Technology
Marco Neumann, Dublin Institute of Technology

Document Type Conference Paper

19th Annual ACM International Symposium on Applied Computing (ACMSAC2004); ACM Press; Nicosia, Cyprus; March, 2004


Advances in spatially enabled semantic computing can provide situation aware assistance for mobile users. This intelligent and context-aware technology presents the right information at the right time, place and situation by exploiting semantically referenced data for knowledge discovery. The system takes advantage of new metadata standards to enable semantic, user, and device adapted transactions on multimedia datasets. Information accessed in the past and the activities planned by the user, the situation dependencies (e.g. location) of these activities are used to infer future information requirements. The focus of this paper describes an application of the above functionalities for performing mobile context-aware queries and updating of a multimedia spatial database of cultural heritage artifacts concerning early 20th century Dublin. It aims to exploit current consumer trends in mobile device usage by opening new markets for the increasing number of visitors to Dublin’s streets. An ongoing development of this technology, the project MoCHA (Mobile Cultural Heritage Adventures), will allow the mobile cultural heritage consumer to explore a personally tailored view of Dublin’s treasured artefacts, historical events and districts in an interactive and intuitive way directly on their spatially enabled PDA.