SAMATS:edge highlighting and intersection rating explained

Joe Hegarty, Dublin Institute of Technology
James D. Carswell, Dublin Institute of Technology

Document Type Conference Paper

2nd International Workshop on Conceptual Modelling for Geographic Information Systems (CoMoGIS2005), Springer-Verlag LNCS; Klagenfurt, Austria; October, 2005


The creation of detailed 3D buildings models, and to a greater extent the creation of entire city models, has become an area of considerable research over the last couple of decades. The accurate modeling of buildings has LBS (Location Based Services) applications in entertainment, planning, tourism and e-commerce to name just a few. Many modeling systems created to date require manual correspondences to be made across the image set in order to determine the models 3D structure. This paper describes SAMATS, a Semi-Automated Modeling And Texturing System, which has the capability of producing geometrically accurate and photorealistic building models without the need for manual correspondences by using a set of geo-referenced terrestrial images. This paper gives an overview of SAMATS’ components, while describing the Edge Highlighting component and the Intersection Rating step from the Edge Recovery component in detail.